Friday, December 30, 2011

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lovely Poems From My Beautiful Wife :)

:: Birthday poem for my dear Azmal ::

On the 10th of January 2004,
I went to Danga Bay and met a great guy,
For what else can I tell more,
He’s an angel sent to me down from the sky.

A miracle happen,
When our eyes met,
It seemed like a lightning struck,
And nothing else should be said,

My heart beats fast,
When he came to approach me,
It was like a dream,
That came into reality.

Coz’ he’s one of the members in a band,
That has so many fans,
And I am just someone,
Who went there to have some fun.

I never thought it would happen,
And we started out as a friend,
But still I hope,
That magical night will never end.

My heart jumps up,
When I received his first call,
And to make an extend,
He’d ask me out and meet at a mall.

Everything was fine,
On our first date,
One thing for sure is
My heart beat fast, and I was afraid.

But I managed to act cool,
And make sure I didn’t act like a fool,
For I was so excited on that night,
But of course, I didn’t show it alright! J

Even the first date was so interesting,
We just couldn’t stop talking and talking,
We even share a muffin on a single plate,
And played Scrabble on our first date!

On the next day he called me up again,
I was so excited as if I wanted to faint,
I never thought he would do that,
And asked me out again that night,
But anyway I felt so glad,
In fact he’d also send me back!

We met again the next day,
I can’t believe it’s 3 days straight
I dunno what else should I say,
It’s better be true,
That I’ve actually dating out with someone new.

It was 12 a.m, he should’ve send me back,
Instead he stayed,
And we had a long chat,
He told me that he’s happy to know me,
I told him the same, can’t he just see?

That weekend, we went out again,
We watched a movie called “Cheaper by the Dozen”,
He was so cute, I just wanted to stare and never turn,
It’s his kindness and cuteness that I most concern J

Days go on and on,
And our relationship seem to get so close so fast,
As if we’ve known each other for so long,
Or is it only me who felt that,

He told me he felt the same way,
That our relationship grew so close,
We even shared our problems,
But those are actually what I hope most.

We have a lot of thing in common,
Even our heart had just been broken,
We shared all kind of story,
He said to me we both got chemistry.

I can’t believe he’d say that,
And still can’t believe that it go so fast,
It’s meant to be love at first sight,
And it came to me, so true, so right.

I thought he only like my accompany,
Coz’ he’d just broke up and just feeling lonely,
For I dunno he felt more than that,
He said he like me. But he dunno that I like him so bad!

On 19th of January 2004,
He finally asked me to be his girlfriend,
Without thinking so much more,
Spontaneously ‘Yes’ came out from my mind,

Even though it was a quick answer,
But I know it’s true with all my heart,
But one thing for sure is,
I’m afraid that he can’t forget his past.

It’s Danga Bay again.
Where we first held hand,
It’s funny to remember,
How we’d first know each other.

For now it has been,
2 months so it seem.
We’ve learnt about each other,
And fought sometimes for better,
But our love only grows stronger and stronger

The day we met,
Is still fresh in my memory,
It was my first love at first sight,
And for that I thank God deeply.

I now love him wholeheartedly,
And I hope for the same,
That he also loves me deeply,
What’s important are,
Faithfulness and sincerity,
For our love to last to eternity.

You are my present,
And I hope for you to be my future,
For I love you so much my dear,
And always remember…
To always jage mate….!! Hehe…. Happy Birthday Sayang!

-4th April 2004 - Pinkish

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Food photography

I love food and i love photography, and it was natural to blend the two together and evolve into becoming a food photographer. This is my latest assignment on food photography for new packaging product for Ayamas brand and it’s a great opportunity for me to polish my skill on food style and food photography.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Last weekend I had an assignment to shoot for the Rip Curl Skate competition event. 25 chosen skaters from Malaysia & Singapore compete for 1000USD. Congratulation to the winner.
1st - Nazeer (Singapore) - Treflip 5-0 grind
2nd - Mohd Fikry aka Usher (Malaysia) - Kickflip FS 5-0 grind
3rd - Muhammad Farris B Abdul Rahman - Tailslide 270 Shove it (bigspin) out

Thursday, October 27, 2011

PRND ambigram

This week i am exploring with new type of typography design which is i am trying to create my ambigram logo. An ambigram is a typographical design or art form that may be read as one or more words not only in its form as presented, but also from another viewpoint, direction, or orientation. The words readable in the other viewpoint, direction or orientation may be the same or different from the original words. (get this from Wikipedia :p)

*PRND logo can be turn up down or 180 degrees or 360 degrees which the type still remain same.